Shimmers ~ Carefully Selected Color for You!

Our team at Neauties is very enthusiastic about learning about anything concerning natural beauty. We have recently encountered opinions claiming that all mineral makeup is harmful due to the use of mica. We, at Neauties, maintain our top priority to provide high quality ingredients. As you may know, our Shimmers Collection was created with colors derived from mica. After careful research we decided that mica was the best choice for our Shimmers collection. Rest assured that all mica used in Neauties is carefully selected and of the highest grade available. We purchase our mica from distributors that pride themselves on full disclosure of all components of their products (even when it is not required).

What is mica?mica 2

Mica is a silicate mineral mined from the earth. It occurs naturally in thin, flaky sheets. The color variations are due to the different types of rock that the mica is mined from. Minerals like titanium dioxide, tin oxide, and iron oxide coat the mica for more color variations adding more white or a natural gold, bronzy color, allowing the finished product to shimmer.

What Does Mica Do?

Mica gives natural makeup its color. If you are using makeup without mica, it could contain artificial dyes or lakes which are much more worrisome. There are some natural dyes that work well for certain cosmetic applications; however, these would be the exception rather than the rule.

woman naturalNano-particles

The first concern we encountered was the risk that mica might be ground into such minute particles, that are sometimes referred to as micro-particles or nano-particles. The cause for concern is that the granules are so tiny that they would penetrate the skin. The fact of the matter is that nano-particles would be ineffective when used for any makeup product. Furthermore, mica is non-allergenic and not water soluble preventing it from entering the skin.

Inhalation of Particles

Another consideration you may have with mica is the inhalation factor. We use an extraordinarily small amount of mica in our lip glosses; and you, as the consumer, has absolutely no risk of inhalation because it is suspended in a castor oil base.

neauties shimmers set

In Conclusion

As stated before, we tirelessly researched any and all options for the perfect ingredient to color our Shimmers lip gloss. Mica gives our lip gloss a naturally beautiful, sparkling shine of transparent and semi-transparent color. All colors are meticulously selected based on safety of use. Although the colors in our Shimmers collection are stunning, you may be left wondering why the colors were selected. Maintaining our high standards in choosing only the very best ingredients restricted the colors that met our strenuous requirements. In fact, all mica used in Neauties’ Shimmers Collection have tested as safe to be used on the lips and the eyes.

I hope this information helps you to sort through everything you read about the use of mica and health of your skin. For more information on mica, please click here to visit our All About Micas page.

Thank you for stopping by, and remember… Show your Neauties, your Natural Beauty!


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