Coconut Oil for Natural Beauty

Coconut oil proves to be a very versatile naturally occurring oil and has been getting much attention lately. Anyone who reads and follows currents trends has learned all of the benefits of not only eating coconut oil, but also using it as a beauty treatment–some conventional, some not so much so.

Where does coconut oil come from?

First, where does the oil come from? Well… From the fruit of a coconut tree, of course! Coconut trees are native to tropical areas growing on sandy shorelines where the coconut treehumidity is high. Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of a coconut, known as a drupe not a nut as some may assume based on its name.

There are several methods  to extract the oil. The most common method is unfortunately the most unhealthy. Most coconut oil is made from dried copra (the meat of the coconut) that has in some cases been dried for months outside or over a fire and then shipped to manufacturers of various products. Once the copra has been outdoors with the dirt and bugs or maybe full of smoke, it is then tossed around from truck to truck and arrives at its destination is no longer fresh and quite soiled. At this point the dried copra must be bleached, deodorized, and refined. It sounds alarming that a product that will ultimately be used in your food or on your porous skin must be bleached and deodorized. The oil that is ultimately produced by this method is depleted of the rich, prime nutrients offered by the coconut, such as antioxidants.

Without getting too scientific and for the reasons listed above, we recommend solid (not liquid) organic, unrefined coconut oil for your skin and hair. Coconut oil that has been cold-expeller pressed from fresh copra is the most natural method of extraction. If you are purchasing refined coconut oil for cooking, always buy organic. Most organic companies use a steam extraction method that requires no bleaching or deodorizing. Check your source before purchasing.

What can coconut oil be used for?

When it comes to beauty tcoconut oilreatments, coconut oil can be used for pretty much everything. It can be used in facial soaps, as facial and body moisturizers, hair treatments, skin rash soother, acne treatments, or even makeup remover. Coconut oil may be mixed with other oils or essential oils to make great homemade remedies for your body that are tailored just for you. Really, the possibilities are endless. A general search will provide you with more recipes than you can make. As with anything, certain treatments are going to work better than others differing with each individual person. Please use caution when using essential oils as some are not suited for any and all applications.

If you are buying drug store beauty treatments full of toxins and preservatives switching to natural oil like coconut oil can save your skin, your health, and your bank account, too! Experiment with one oil at a time and see what works for you. Coconut oil is a great oil to start with, because it is readily available and has many, many uses!



If coconut oil is so adaptable, why isn’t it used in Neauties lip products?

A marvelous question with a very simple answer. Actually, several oils were experimented with in the testing phase of Neauties natural lip treatments. As you probably already know castor oil was the oil of choice for our products, because for the projected outcome, which was staying power and shine, coconut oil did not perform as well in those areas. (Click here to read more about why we chose castor oil!) Coconut oil is very light, producing a lip gloss that wore off the lips quickly and, in turn, required reapplying frequently. On the other hand, this is the exact reason it works better on the rest of your skin. It absorbs quickly and easily making coconut oil the superior choice for other topical applications.

We hope this article presented you with useful information for using coconut oil on your skin or in your hair. See your next time!



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