3 Most Common Causes of Chapped Lips

We’ve all experienced it- chapped lips. It is very uncomfortable (and it can hurt!) but most of the time this condition hardly ever occurs and is not dangerous. The good news is that if your lips are chapped and you do not have a serious medical condition, it is simple to remedy and maybe even prevent this painful, unpleasant condition from creeping up on you again!

Weatherwoman with hat on beach

Weather is a huge factor in the condition of your lips. Winter weather is often windy causing your lips to dry out without protection. The winter months are, for most of us, lacking in humidity causing your lips to crack with lack of hydration from the air around you. If you find yourself outdoors in the winter with no lip protection try putting your scarf over your mouth to protect your lips. Then there is the summer which brings us outdoors exposing ourselves to the sun which causes unprotected lips to become dry and thirsty for hydration. This can be prevented with a protecting balm or gloss that keeps your lips naturally moisturized like Neauties’ natural lip treatments. The honey in Neauties’ lip balms and glosses can aid in moisture retention, as it is a natural humectant.  Humectants retain and hold water. Also, wearing a wide brimmed hat will shield your lips and face from the sun’s harmful rays. If your lips are already chapped, the sun will only worsen the condition; so in this case, apply a lip treatment until your lips are soft and supple again.

glass of waterDehydration

No matter what season we are in, it is essential to keep your body hydrated, which in turn hydrates your skin and lips. If you are not consuming enough water, your lips will respond by becoming dry and parched. We should always remember to nourish our bodies from the inside, too. Nourishment from the inside along with nourishment on the outside provides the perfect balance. Furthermore, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals sustains and supports your overall health. Allow your beauty to shine from within!

Excessively Licking Your Lips

When we lick our lips, it temporarily feels as though your hydrating them; but, in fact, the saliva is actually stripping away any moisture or moisturizing product you may have used. The lips have no oil glands, so, on their own, they are not capable of hydration unless you are drinking lots of water, getting all of your necessary nutrients,  and/or providing your lips with extra moisturization from a topical lip product.

Why should You use Neauties natural lip treatments?original balm

Neauties natural lip glosses and balms provide both protection for your lips and keep your lips hydrated without having to reapply every few minutes. Unless, of course, you enjoy the flavors so much that you are secretly licking it off! 😉 Some of our customers have commented that it tastes good enough to eat! If you wear lipstick you can use Neauties’ natural lip gloss under and/or over your lipstick to counteract some of the drying effects of the lipstick. Keep those lips protected!

If you suspect that your chapped lips may be caused by something more serious, a trip to your doctor may be in order. Chapped lips can be a sign of something serious (such as an infection or possibly worse), so if your condition worsens or it occurs more often than it should, please seek medical advice. This information is intended for the common causes of everyday chapped lips.

Thank you for allowing us to share information with you.  Remember… Natural beauty flows from the inside out!


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