Top 4 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Lip Products

In the quest for the best all natural lip balm (or anything that goes on your skin) we should be aware of ingredients that are harmful or unacceptable. As always when buying products for your skin do your research! Here are a working on computer girlfew things to get you started. Below are the top 4 ingredients to avoid in your lip products.


Anything that is derived from petroleum should be avoided at all costs. This includes mineral oil which at face value seems like it would be good for your skin, but a petroleum product all the same.  Petrolatum originated from petroleum (oil). In Europe petrolatum is banned in beauty products unless the company can prove all of the refining processes the product has been through and confirm the absence of carcinogens then and oil-in-water-only then will it be approved. In the USA not only is the use of petrolatum derivatives allowed but no standards are set as to how the product is refined. Without getting too scientific petrolatum is likely to contain substances that cause tumors in laboratory animals even when applied to the skin. If the product is appropriately refined there is absolutely no change of cancer. However, with no norms set up by the FDA can we have confidence in these products? How do we know that they are not taking shortcuts or unapproved methods in the refining process?

Synthetic Colors and Dyeschemical scientist

On the label these will be FD&C (Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act) Blue 1, Green 3, Yellow 5 and 6,  or Red 33. These are originated from coal tar and contain toxic heavy metal salts which can cause irritation. When you see Lake added to the pigment name it means that the color has been mixed with aluminum to make it not water soluble. Not only that, nearly all FD&C color pigments have tested positive for carcinogens. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) reported in “Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risk” named possible side effects of these pigments which include- kidney tumor, brain tumors, urinary bladder tumors, testes tumors, immune system tumors, organ damage, birth defects, nerve cell damage, hypersensitivity, and hyperactivity. Studies also show that any of these FD&C colors that make it into your mouth are especially toxic. This applies to food especially but also to your toothpaste, mouthwash, and even your lip balm.


Parabens started with the idea that they prevent bacteria growth so your cosmetics will last longer. That in itself is good but what about the side effects? It is still a chemical. Parabens have been found in the tissue found in malignant breast tumors. But it is still unclear if parabens actually cause cancer because the same parabens have also been found in chemical sciencehealthy breast tissue. And to top it all off, parabens mimic oestrogen which can increase the growth of breast cancer cells. Despite all that they are still cheap chemical preservatives. There is also valid concern for interference with the body’s reproductive hormones resulting in developmental disorders and fertility. Look for butylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, or alkyl parahydroxy benzoates in your products.

Artificial Fragrance and Flavor

The FDA rules allow for cosmetic companies to list fragrance and flavor on their ingredient list without being specific about what chemical they are actually putting in the product. Many fragrance ingredients are phthalates which are hormone disruptors linked to pre-term birth, reproductive system birth defects in boys, decreased sperm counts in men, reduced fertility in females, and allergy and asthma symptom increase.

natural girl tall picWe, at Neauties, believe that everything that you put on and in your body should be of the best, purest ingredients possible. In fact, all Neauties products are so pure that you can actually eat them. We do not recommend eating them but when using a lip product you can be sure that you are ingesting at least a small amount of the product in everyday use. Rest assured you are safe with your Neauties!

Thank you for spending time with us today! Have a glorious day!



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