All About Micas

Neauties uses mica in our Shimmers lip gloss to obtain a naturally colored, vibrant, semi-transparent color. Mica is inert and not water soluble, so it cannot enter the skin, making it non-allergenic. The particles are finely ground so that they are soft to the touch and completely non-abrasive. On its own, mica is colorless and must be coated by minerals to reflect light, giving the mica its color.

 Cosmetic companies are not required to list ingredients that make up less than 3% of the product. Neauties lists each ingredient, including the minerals which give the mica its color. Micas purchased by Neauties are of the highest quality and only purchased from companies that provide full disclosure of ingredients. They are free of dyes, carmine, and bismuth oxy-chloride. All micas used by Neauties are rated safe to be used on the eyes and lips.
Iron Oxides are used for coloring in mineral makeup. There are three major color groups of iron oxide:
  • Yellow Iron Oxide (Yellow)
  • Colcothar (Red)
  • Black Iron Oxide (Black)
This group is an FDA approved cosmetic pigment. It is hypoallergenic and nontoxic.
Titanium Dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral added to achieve opaque colors, white, and shades of brown. It is used as a white pigment, opacifier, and sunscreen. Titanium Dioxide is also approved by the FDA.
Tin Oxide is a non-toxic mineral which is used as a whitening agent. It is FDA approved in small amounts.

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