5 Fun and Natural Ways to Celebrate Halloween the Neauties Way!

Halloween is just around the corner. We are being bombarded everywhere with advertisements of candy, treats, and holiday festivities . You might be wondering what you can do that is fun but natural to celebrate this holiday? Here are some ideas that you can easily do and have fun at the same time.


number-1  Carving a pumpkin is one of the most tradition things you can do for Halloween. And the best part of a fresh pumpkin is the delicious seeds perfect for roasting. If you are adventurous and painted-pumpkin
more nontraditional you can paint or Duck tape your pumpkin to decorate it. If you have children it is fun to dress or theme decorate your pumpkin to match their favorite book character.




number-2 Decorate your home or office space in natural decor using dried flowers and leaves. Try gluing dried beans, dried corn halloween3kernels, and seeds on candles and halloween-treemini pumpkins to add to your spooky, fall holiday embellishments. Another great idea to carry you through the rest of the fall season is a fall tree. Decorate it now with witch, ghost, jack-o-lantern, and bat ornaments. Then after Halloween change your ornaments to fall leaves, pumpkins, squash, dried corn cobs, and turkeys!



number-3 Make your own Halloween treats. When you create your own treats you are in apple-peanut-butter-snackcontrol of purchasing natural ingredients that you prefer to have in your recipes.



thrillernumber-4 What about creating a Halloween playlist? Or if you have a tech device that will allow you to download an app like Spotify you have access to playlists that other people have shared! You can include classic tracks like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters, Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, or rob_zombie_dragulaSomebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell. Maybe you prefer darker cuts like Rob Zombie’s Dragula, Marilyn Manson’s This is Halloween, or Jekyll and Hyde by Five Finger Death Punch. Add your favorites  and maybe you’ll find a few new favorites as well.




number-5 A very enjoyable activity whether it be in the days charlie-brownleading up to Halloween or an after trick-or-treating event is watch a Halloween movie. Children’s classics like Peanut’s It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, ET texorcist_ver2he Extra-Terrestrial , and any Scooby Doo movie or episode would satisfy parents and children alike.

If you prefer something more jump out of your pants scary try the Halloween series movies, The Crow, or The Exorcist. So pop some air popped or stove top popped popcorn and enjoy an old favorite or try  a new movie!



Happy Halloween from everyone at Neauties! We hope you have a fun, safe, and natural Halloween.

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3 Benefits of Exfoliating Your Lips (With a Basic Recipe!)

We have all heard about exfoliating your skin but what about your lips? The lips are part of your skin. They do not sweat, do not have oil glands, and are thinner and more delicate than the rest of your skin- but they are still skin. They get dull, flaky, and collect dead skin cells. These are all natural occurrences but there are some things you can do to keep your lips glowing and healthy.

Here are three reasons to exfoliate your lips and an easy method for doing so. It does not take a lot of time and what a difference it makes!

natural girlImproves the Texture of Your Lips

Over time and with weather changes your lips get chapped and flaky. Whether it be the summer sun or the winter winds your lips occasionally become chapped, dry, and flaky. It is uncomfortable and unsightly. Even if your lips are not chapped they are skin and dead skin cells build up over time. As we age our skin does not naturally get rid of dead skin cells as readily so occasional exfoliation will aid in getting rid of those cells so that new ones can take their place. Our bodies naturally shed skin cells as its way of renewal.

Reveal Natural Glow

Once the dead skin cells have been exfoliated the new cells will allow your lips to
display a natural glow. Old skin cells look dull and lifeless while new cells are glowing and radiant.

Lip Products Look Better

After exfoliating your lip gloss, lip balm, and lipstick will go on smoother and more evenly. Your lip products will also have more staying power keeping the color or gloss in place for longer periods of time.

Removes Dark Spotsyoungwomanface

Over time our lips may have dark spots or uneven color. Gently exfoliating regularly aids in the gradual, natural removal of uneven dark spots on our lips. Not only are dark spots unsightly but they also keep your glosses and balms with no color from looking their best.

How do you exfoliate? (Including a basic recipe)

Exfoliating is luckily something that is easily done at home. You may wish to purchase a product made for this but it is not necessary. If you do purchase an already made product do your homework and check the ingredients before purchasing.

If your up to making your own we’ve found that a sugar based exfoliant works well on the lips. You may use anything from white sugar, which has a very fine texture, to raw Turbino sugar, which has a very coarse texture. Even a combination of the two will work allowing yousugar to make your mix more fine or less fine depending on your needs. If your lips are already dry a more fine mix will work better so as not to further damage your lips. If your lips are very chapped and bleeding wait to exfoliate until they are no longer bleeding. You will also need to add an oil to soften your lips. Olive oil works well with the sugar mixture but you can also use unrefined coconut oil, avocado oil, or sweet almond oil.

Basic Recipe:

1 cup sugar, preferably organic (any combination of fine ground granulated sugar, brown sugar, and/or Turbino sugar)

1/3 cup olive oil (or unrefined coconut oil, avocado oil, or sweet almond oil)

1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)

1 Tabhoneylespoon honey (optional)

Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

Carefully smooth mixture onto lips and rub gently. Leave on for 1 minute. Rinse with
warm water and pat lips dry leaving a little of the oil residue on lips. You may apply lip balm to lock in moisture. Store in a tightly closed glass jar.

This scrub can be used on your lips, your entire face (avoiding the eyes), hands, feet, elbows, or knees.

Some Cautions

Let’s talk about the don’ts when it comes to exfoliating.  You should only exfoliate once or maybe twice a week at the most. This is not something you do every day. The skin on your lips is very delicate. So be gentle and use sparingly. Also, exfoliation is not a substitute for hydration. You must drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods for your lips to remain healthy. Please do not exfoliate when your lips are so badly chapped that they are bleeding. You may want to start with an oatmeal mask on severely damaged lips. Once lips begin to heal use honey and fine granulated sugar to start. Some recipes on the internet recommend using a toothbrush to exfoliate the lips in conjunction with the scrub. We recommend not using any brush. As stated before, the lips are delicate and easily damaged. You might end up worse off in the end.

Enjoy the nice soft feel of your lips!



3 Reasons Honey is Good for Your Skin (and more!)

Honey could possibly become your next favorite natural beauty treatment. Most of us think of honey as a divinely rich sweetener but it also has many uses in your beauty routine as well. It is rich in antioxidants, has antibacterial properties, and is healing. When purchasing honey look for raw honey that is not pasteurized. Any processing destroys the active compounds in honey that make it so nutrient rich for your skin (and body)! In fact, in ancient times women used a mixture of honey and milk on their face to retain a healthy, youthful glow.


Honey is known as nature’s humectant and is the main reason it is a star ingredient in all of Neauties’ lip balms and glosses. Humectants actually draw in moisture from the air and seal it honey jarinto your lips or skin. Since our lips do not have any oil glands they can use all the help they can get to seal all of nature’s moisture possible. Honey works the same when used as a face mask also sealing in moisture and holding it in the layers of your skin for the beautiful, dewy look of youth.

Acne Treatment

Honey, because of its antibacterial properties is also an excellent acne treatment. Acne is caused by a buildup of oil and dirt in the pores of the skin. Honey, when applied to the skin works to draw out these impurities. Just dab a little on your blemishes and cover with a bandaid overnight or for 1-2 hours. Your blemishes will fade in no time. If you have more than just one or two blemishes you may sprcleaning skinead a thin layer of honey on your dampened face and leave 1-2 hours (or less if you do not have the time). Rinse very carefully with warm water. You should see a decrease in redness and inflammation. If your acne is due to hormones or irritation then it may require a trip to the dermatologist to further evaluate your situation.

Fades Scars

If you have a few acne scars you can use honey to fade or lighten them. Because honey encourages tissue regeneration it can be used to revive your skin’s scarred areas with regular use. Mix honey with your favorite carrier oil like olive oil, coconut oil, or sweet almond oil and massage on the scarred areas daily. Again rinse carefully with warm water.

Other Uses

Honey has a host of other uses including, but not limited to, hair conditioners and masks and many, many benefits when ingested. It is known to promote weight loss, soothe a sore throat, calm indigestion, and control pouring honeydiabetic symptoms, to name a few. In addition honey is loaded in vitamins and minerals, making it nutritious for our bodies. So check out all the things honey can do for you!

As always be sure to see your doctor if you have severe facial acne or any other skin condition. If you have an infection or other unknown condition you may need more intervention than you can provide yourself at home.

Thank you for spending time with us today! Have a beautiful day!

Top 4 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Lip Products

In the quest for the best all natural lip balm (or anything that goes on your skin) we should be aware of ingredients that are harmful or unacceptable. As always when buying products for your skin do your research! Here are a working on computer girlfew things to get you started. Below are the top 4 ingredients to avoid in your lip products.


Anything that is derived from petroleum should be avoided at all costs. This includes mineral oil which at face value seems like it would be good for your skin, but a petroleum product all the same.  Petrolatum originated from petroleum (oil). In Europe petrolatum is banned in beauty products unless the company can prove all of the refining processes the product has been through and confirm the absence of carcinogens then and oil-in-water-only then will it be approved. In the USA not only is the use of petrolatum derivatives allowed but no standards are set as to how the product is refined. Without getting too scientific petrolatum is likely to contain substances that cause tumors in laboratory animals even when applied to the skin. If the product is appropriately refined there is absolutely no change of cancer. However, with no norms set up by the FDA can we have confidence in these products? How do we know that they are not taking shortcuts or unapproved methods in the refining process?

Synthetic Colors and Dyeschemical scientist

On the label these will be FD&C (Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act) Blue 1, Green 3, Yellow 5 and 6,  or Red 33. These are originated from coal tar and contain toxic heavy metal salts which can cause irritation. When you see Lake added to the pigment name it means that the color has been mixed with aluminum to make it not water soluble. Not only that, nearly all FD&C color pigments have tested positive for carcinogens. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) reported in “Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risk” named possible side effects of these pigments which include- kidney tumor, brain tumors, urinary bladder tumors, testes tumors, immune system tumors, organ damage, birth defects, nerve cell damage, hypersensitivity, and hyperactivity. Studies also show that any of these FD&C colors that make it into your mouth are especially toxic. This applies to food especially but also to your toothpaste, mouthwash, and even your lip balm.


Parabens started with the idea that they prevent bacteria growth so your cosmetics will last longer. That in itself is good but what about the side effects? It is still a chemical. Parabens have been found in the tissue found in malignant breast tumors. But it is still unclear if parabens actually cause cancer because the same parabens have also been found in chemical sciencehealthy breast tissue. And to top it all off, parabens mimic oestrogen which can increase the growth of breast cancer cells. Despite all that they are still cheap chemical preservatives. There is also valid concern for interference with the body’s reproductive hormones resulting in developmental disorders and fertility. Look for butylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, or alkyl parahydroxy benzoates in your products.

Artificial Fragrance and Flavor

The FDA rules allow for cosmetic companies to list fragrance and flavor on their ingredient list without being specific about what chemical they are actually putting in the product. Many fragrance ingredients are phthalates which are hormone disruptors linked to pre-term birth, reproductive system birth defects in boys, decreased sperm counts in men, reduced fertility in females, and allergy and asthma symptom increase.

natural girl tall picWe, at Neauties, believe that everything that you put on and in your body should be of the best, purest ingredients possible. In fact, all Neauties products are so pure that you can actually eat them. We do not recommend eating them but when using a lip product you can be sure that you are ingesting at least a small amount of the product in everyday use. Rest assured you are safe with your Neauties!

Thank you for spending time with us today! Have a glorious day!


3 Most Common Causes of Chapped Lips

We’ve all experienced it- chapped lips. It is very uncomfortable (and it can hurt!) but most of the time this condition hardly ever occurs and is not dangerous. The good news is that if your lips are chapped and you do not have a serious medical condition, it is simple to remedy and maybe even prevent this painful, unpleasant condition from creeping up on you again!

Weatherwoman with hat on beach

Weather is a huge factor in the condition of your lips. Winter weather is often windy causing your lips to dry out without protection. The winter months are, for most of us, lacking in humidity causing your lips to crack with lack of hydration from the air around you. If you find yourself outdoors in the winter with no lip protection try putting your scarf over your mouth to protect your lips. Then there is the summer which brings us outdoors exposing ourselves to the sun which causes unprotected lips to become dry and thirsty for hydration. This can be prevented with a protecting balm or gloss that keeps your lips naturally moisturized like Neauties’ natural lip treatments. The honey in Neauties’ lip balms and glosses can aid in moisture retention, as it is a natural humectant.  Humectants retain and hold water. Also, wearing a wide brimmed hat will shield your lips and face from the sun’s harmful rays. If your lips are already chapped, the sun will only worsen the condition; so in this case, apply a lip treatment until your lips are soft and supple again.

glass of waterDehydration

No matter what season we are in, it is essential to keep your body hydrated, which in turn hydrates your skin and lips. If you are not consuming enough water, your lips will respond by becoming dry and parched. We should always remember to nourish our bodies from the inside, too. Nourishment from the inside along with nourishment on the outside provides the perfect balance. Furthermore, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals sustains and supports your overall health. Allow your beauty to shine from within!

Excessively Licking Your Lips

When we lick our lips, it temporarily feels as though your hydrating them; but, in fact, the saliva is actually stripping away any moisture or moisturizing product you may have used. The lips have no oil glands, so, on their own, they are not capable of hydration unless you are drinking lots of water, getting all of your necessary nutrients,  and/or providing your lips with extra moisturization from a topical lip product.

Why should You use Neauties natural lip treatments?original balm

Neauties natural lip glosses and balms provide both protection for your lips and keep your lips hydrated without having to reapply every few minutes. Unless, of course, you enjoy the flavors so much that you are secretly licking it off! 😉 Some of our customers have commented that it tastes good enough to eat! If you wear lipstick you can use Neauties’ natural lip gloss under and/or over your lipstick to counteract some of the drying effects of the lipstick. Keep those lips protected!

If you suspect that your chapped lips may be caused by something more serious, a trip to your doctor may be in order. Chapped lips can be a sign of something serious (such as an infection or possibly worse), so if your condition worsens or it occurs more often than it should, please seek medical advice. This information is intended for the common causes of everyday chapped lips.

Thank you for allowing us to share information with you.  Remember… Natural beauty flows from the inside out!

Coconut Oil for Natural Beauty

Coconut oil proves to be a very versatile naturally occurring oil and has been getting much attention lately. Anyone who reads and follows currents trends has learned all of the benefits of not only eating coconut oil, but also using it as a beauty treatment–some conventional, some not so much so.

Where does coconut oil come from?

First, where does the oil come from? Well… From the fruit of a coconut tree, of course! Coconut trees are native to tropical areas growing on sandy shorelines where the coconut treehumidity is high. Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of a coconut, known as a drupe not a nut as some may assume based on its name.

There are several methods  to extract the oil. The most common method is unfortunately the most unhealthy. Most coconut oil is made from dried copra (the meat of the coconut) that has in some cases been dried for months outside or over a fire and then shipped to manufacturers of various products. Once the copra has been outdoors with the dirt and bugs or maybe full of smoke, it is then tossed around from truck to truck and arrives at its destination is no longer fresh and quite soiled. At this point the dried copra must be bleached, deodorized, and refined. It sounds alarming that a product that will ultimately be used in your food or on your porous skin must be bleached and deodorized. The oil that is ultimately produced by this method is depleted of the rich, prime nutrients offered by the coconut, such as antioxidants.

Without getting too scientific and for the reasons listed above, we recommend solid (not liquid) organic, unrefined coconut oil for your skin and hair. Coconut oil that has been cold-expeller pressed from fresh copra is the most natural method of extraction. If you are purchasing refined coconut oil for cooking, always buy organic. Most organic companies use a steam extraction method that requires no bleaching or deodorizing. Check your source before purchasing.

What can coconut oil be used for?

When it comes to beauty tcoconut oilreatments, coconut oil can be used for pretty much everything. It can be used in facial soaps, as facial and body moisturizers, hair treatments, skin rash soother, acne treatments, or even makeup remover. Coconut oil may be mixed with other oils or essential oils to make great homemade remedies for your body that are tailored just for you. Really, the possibilities are endless. A general search will provide you with more recipes than you can make. As with anything, certain treatments are going to work better than others differing with each individual person. Please use caution when using essential oils as some are not suited for any and all applications.

If you are buying drug store beauty treatments full of toxins and preservatives switching to natural oil like coconut oil can save your skin, your health, and your bank account, too! Experiment with one oil at a time and see what works for you. Coconut oil is a great oil to start with, because it is readily available and has many, many uses!



If coconut oil is so adaptable, why isn’t it used in Neauties lip products?

A marvelous question with a very simple answer. Actually, several oils were experimented with in the testing phase of Neauties natural lip treatments. As you probably already know castor oil was the oil of choice for our products, because for the projected outcome, which was staying power and shine, coconut oil did not perform as well in those areas. (Click here to read more about why we chose castor oil!) Coconut oil is very light, producing a lip gloss that wore off the lips quickly and, in turn, required reapplying frequently. On the other hand, this is the exact reason it works better on the rest of your skin. It absorbs quickly and easily making coconut oil the superior choice for other topical applications.

We hope this article presented you with useful information for using coconut oil on your skin or in your hair. See your next time!


Shimmers ~ Carefully Selected Color for You!

Our team at Neauties is very enthusiastic about learning about anything concerning natural beauty. We have recently encountered opinions claiming that all mineral makeup is harmful due to the use of mica. We, at Neauties, maintain our top priority to provide high quality ingredients. As you may know, our Shimmers Collection was created with colors derived from mica. After careful research we decided that mica was the best choice for our Shimmers collection. Rest assured that all mica used in Neauties is carefully selected and of the highest grade available. We purchase our mica from distributors that pride themselves on full disclosure of all components of their products (even when it is not required).

What is mica?mica 2

Mica is a silicate mineral mined from the earth. It occurs naturally in thin, flaky sheets. The color variations are due to the different types of rock that the mica is mined from. Minerals like titanium dioxide, tin oxide, and iron oxide coat the mica for more color variations adding more white or a natural gold, bronzy color, allowing the finished product to shimmer.

What Does Mica Do?

Mica gives natural makeup its color. If you are using makeup without mica, it could contain artificial dyes or lakes which are much more worrisome. There are some natural dyes that work well for certain cosmetic applications; however, these would be the exception rather than the rule.

woman naturalNano-particles

The first concern we encountered was the risk that mica might be ground into such minute particles, that are sometimes referred to as micro-particles or nano-particles. The cause for concern is that the granules are so tiny that they would penetrate the skin. The fact of the matter is that nano-particles would be ineffective when used for any makeup product. Furthermore, mica is non-allergenic and not water soluble preventing it from entering the skin.

Inhalation of Particles

Another consideration you may have with mica is the inhalation factor. We use an extraordinarily small amount of mica in our lip glosses; and you, as the consumer, has absolutely no risk of inhalation because it is suspended in a castor oil base.

neauties shimmers set

In Conclusion

As stated before, we tirelessly researched any and all options for the perfect ingredient to color our Shimmers lip gloss. Mica gives our lip gloss a naturally beautiful, sparkling shine of transparent and semi-transparent color. All colors are meticulously selected based on safety of use. Although the colors in our Shimmers collection are stunning, you may be left wondering why the colors were selected. Maintaining our high standards in choosing only the very best ingredients restricted the colors that met our strenuous requirements. In fact, all mica used in Neauties’ Shimmers Collection have tested as safe to be used on the lips and the eyes.

I hope this information helps you to sort through everything you read about the use of mica and health of your skin. For more information on mica, please click here to visit our All About Micas page.

Thank you for stopping by, and remember… Show your Neauties, your Natural Beauty!

3 Reasons Castor Oil is the Ideal Oil for Your Lips

You may wonder why castor oil is the oil of choice for our Neauties lip products.  It is not well-known as an oil for beauty routines, but it does, in fact, have many beauty uses. Most of us know it as a use for constipation which gives the oil a very negative connotation and dismisses  anything beautiful about it; however, in our quest to provide you the best products possible, castor oil serves as a superior choice.

castor seedsFirst, where does castor oil come from? It is derived from the seed of the castor plant (ricinus communis). The plant is native to India and is also known as Palma Christi (Palm of Christ). Ancient history reveals the that the Egyptians, Africans, as well as the Indians of India used castor oil for its extraordinary healing properties.  Castor oil is antifungal and antibacterial containing omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids. When purchasing castor oil, it is cautioned to buy only hexane-free oil. Hexane is a chemical solvent used to extract the oil from the seed and has been proven in scientific studies to cause cancer.

Staying Power

So why did we choose castor oil? After experimenting and using many different oils in our lip products, castor oil proved to have the most benefits. First, and most importantly, we felt that a lip product should be long-lasting.  Lip products often disappear shortly after application, but this was not so when castor oil was used as a base for our lip treatments.  In fact, castor oil provided astonishing staying power and the highest shine over all other oils!


The healing properties of our lip products is another high priority factor. Again castor oil won over all other oils. Castor oil applied to lips proved to heal cracks and prevent chapping.  The antibacterial and antifungal properties come into play here, as they actually repair your lips!

Excellent Protectionlips face

And since castor oil has a thick consistency it provides a protective, non-sticky barrier to wind, sun, or other elements that potentially harm our lips.  So whether the season is summer, winter, spring, or fall, Neauties lip glosses and balms are formulated for the longest wear and best protection possible.

boating familyWhat about the balms?

Since they are formulated for men, women, and children, could the high shine be a drawback for men and children? Men, women, and children can all benefit from the special castor oil base in the balms as well. We use a special base formulated specifically for the balms–all of the base ingredients work together to provide the same long lasting protection but without the shine.

Note About Castor Oil:  The benefits described here are for topically applied uses. For internal uses, always consult with a medical doctor before consuming, as there are other considerations for internal uses not discussed here.

Thank you for allowing me to spend some time with you, and I hope you have enjoyed your stay with us!

Summer Is Here!

IMG_0665Long stormy spring-time, wet contentious April, winter chilling the lap of very May; but at length the season of summer does come.

 ~Thomas Carlyle

Celebrate the first day of summer June 21, 2015 by enjoying the beautiful world we live in. Go on a picnic or have a bar-b-que, listen to the birds sing, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin (just not too much!). Yes, summer is officially here! Depending on where you live you may have already seen lots of sun, or maybe not so much. One thing is for sure, as the temperature rises, lazy times come. Why not go outdoors?  Even if you have to go early in the morning or in the late evening, make it a point to get outside. Read a book, draw nature, or relax on the fresh green grass. Get up close and personal with nature!

Neauties.com is celebrating summer with a sale. While we are surely spending more time outdoors we need to protect our lips, one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Protect them from the summer elements with Neauties. We have summer savings for your lips from June 21 until June 27!  Buy 4 balms, get 1 free (use code BUY4GET1) and free shipping on ALL orders–balms and glosses  (use code NEAUTIESFREE).  Balms are the most portable choice while glosses provide an extra moisturizing layer to your lips. If you would like a little color with the same moisturizing benefits as the transparent, unflavored glosses, try Shimmers!

Don’t forget order by June 27 to take advantage of these savings!Cherry Lip Balm

Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. 

~Henry James

Well said Mr. James!

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Peppermint Oil: What Is It? Why Use It?

You’ve probably heard about or seen peppermint oil.  Maybe you’ve seen it on a list of ingredients in something you have bought, or maybe you have tried Neauties peppermint lip gloss or lip balm; but you may not have considered what benefits peppermint oil has for you, or even known it has benefits at all!

peppermint plantFirst, a little background.  Peppermint is actually a plant.  It is a hybrid species of water mint and spearmint.  The peppermint plant has dark green leaves and grows up to three feet tall.  It has been used for thousands of years by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans for its medicinal properties.  So, as you can see, it has been around for a long, long time!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to use peppermint oil in body care or aromatic recipes, there are some important things you need to know. Peppermint oil is very concentrated–more concentrated than most other essential oils.  Because of this, it must be diluted with a carrier oil for topical applications, like lip balm or lip gloss.  Carrier oils include coconut, grape seed, castor, jojoba, olive, sesame seed, or sweet almond oil.  Your choice of oil depends on the application.  Does your finished product need to be extra moisturizing?  Then you will need a heavier oil.  Does your mixture need to be lighter?  Then, of course, you would go with a light, gentle oil.  Keep in mind that when using peppermint oil for your lips, you want to be certain it is food grade quality, because, for example, small  amounts may be ingested when using Neauties’ lip products (or large amounts if a child or pet finds it!).  At Neauties, we have heard stories of both happening with our lip products–but, thankfully, no adverse side effects were experienced!

The unmistakable mint smell from the peppermint plant is from the menthol that is extracted from the leaves and stem.  This is the familiar smell most associated with natural dentifrice products like toothpaste, mouth wash, or breath freshening gargle.

When peppermint oil is applied to the skin it causes a slight numbing effect to the area.  This fact makes it an excellent ingredient for lip balm and lip gloss.  We have all experienced chapped lips, whether from the sun, wind, or dehydration.  Applying lip products that are laced with peppermint instantly cools, freshens, and calms the chapped area, providing instant relief!diffuser

An interesting side benefit of using peppermint lip products like Neauties is when the product is on your lips, you are also inhaling the aroma. Inhaling peppermint oil stimulates, energizes, and awakens the mind.  In fact, it is a popular oil to diffuse as a room freshener for this reason.  And for all you students out there, did you know that it can also help improve your test taking and study skills?  If you inhale the smell of peppermint (or any other stimulating scent) while studying and the same scent while actually taking the test you will have a greater chance of remembering the material!  So, for example, you could diffuse peppermint oil while studying, and then wear peppermint balm or gloss while taking your test.  Your brain will associate the smell with the information, causing your retention rate to be higher, which could result in higher grades!

Peppermint oil has many other uses as well.  It is widely known for its anti-nausea benefits.  Chewing peppermint gum or eating a mint can calm your stomach on a long trip if you experience car sickness.  I actually used this trick recently when on a hot school bus on a student field trip, and I happened to have mints in my bag.  Boy did they save the day!  My alternative was to be sick in front of 50 second graders–thank goodness for peppermint!  Peppermint is also wonderful to inhale when your sinus and allergy issues kick in.  It unclogs the sinuses, relieves sore throats, and relaxes the muscles in the nasal cavity.  Many products, like cough drops, use peppermint oil to provide relief of sinus and allergy symptoms.

Peppermint Lip BalmPeppermint oil is a proven treatment for headaches as well.  A study conducted at the University of Kiel in Germany found that a combination of oils including peppermint oil “had significant analgesic effects with a reduction in sensitivity to headaches.”  Oils were applied to the temples and forehead to relieve pain.  Remember, always exercise extreme care when applying peppermint oil to the skin due to its high concentration.

The peppermint plant provides us with a multitude of uses–it proves to be a very diversified plant.  Peppermint oil is among the most popular of the essential oils for this reason.  When using, however, use caution and be sure to research the proper methods of application for your intended use.gift set

Neauties.com is proud to carry all natural, handmade lip gloss and balm containing all natural food grade peppermint oil.  All Neauties products are free of preservatives, chemicals, and fillers making them good for your lips.  While you’re there,explore our other flavors- Cherry, Strawberry, and Original (which has a touch of honey sweetness).  You may also wish to browse the Shimmers collection if you’re looking for a little natural coloring and sweet flavor!

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