Happy Earth Day! (Plus, Free Shipping!)

natureHappy Earth Day, Neauties Lifestylers!

As you’ve probably heard, today is Earth Day. Today is a day to thank and honor Mother Earth for all she does. She supplies us with all we need, and just look around at this breathtaking scenery!

Today, we encourage you to get outside and just observe some of what our beautiful Mother Earth has to offer. Go to the park, go for an afternoon walk, or just stand in your backyard for a while. Breathe in her rich oxygen, feel her grass between your toes, and take in all the beauty you can. This is a beautiful planet, and she deserves our thanks.

In honor of Earth Day 2015, we are offering Free Shipping on all domestic orders through Saturday, April 25! Visit us at Neauties.com, shop.neauties.com, or Etsy.com to start shopping!

See you there!


First Day of Spring 2015!

SpringHappy Spring!

Today marks the first day of the 2015 Spring Season! What will you do to celebrate?

Spring is one of the best times of year. Everything is beginning to bloom, the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining! We encourage you to do something fun this weekend to celebrate Spring of 2015.

Relax in your backyard, watch a sunrise or sunset, go hiking, or simply take a walk. Get outside and do something. On your way home today, take a look at all of the plants, insects, birds, and everything else Spring has to offer. Take the moment in like a breath of fresh air, and enjoy it. Give thanks for everything you have: your health, your abilities, your job, your home, your family, your friends, or whatever you feel you should be thankful for. Just take a moment, and live purely in only that moment.

Another great thing to do in the springtime is, of course, spring cleaning. It doesn’t sound fun or enjoyable, but trust me, you will feel so uplifted, clear, and centered once you’re done. Take a few days and clean every nook and cranny. Get rid of everything you don’t use or need anymore. Rearrange your furniture if you can. Organize and create open and flowing spaces everywhere; in your home, your refrigerator, your desk, and yourself.

Now is the time to open your heart, mind, and body. Not only will you feel better now, but you’ll have time to focus on better things this Summer– like family, friends, and fun!

How do you celebrate spring?

Happy Spring, From your Friends here at Neauties!

Love Your Lips!

Love Your Lips


Neauties wants you to send your lips some love this year! We’re offering free shipping until February 18, and our favorite tips to love your lips!

One of the best ways to love your lips is to apply a nourishing lip balm several times per day. Neauties’ lip glosses and balms are extremely moisturizing and safe. We use only the highest quality, pure, and natural ingredients we can find. Our lip glosses provide lots of shine, our balms are perfect for on-the-go (a little more firm with less shine), and our Shimmers provide beautiful semi-transparent colors that nourish and color your lips at the same time! With our semi-transparent colors, you don’t have to worry about not having the perfect shade; since your natural lip color shows through, every color is perfect with every skintone!

You should apply lip gloss or balm if you’re going to be in the sun or wind for prolonged periods of time as protection. If you’re looking for those kissably soft lips, apply a bit before bed; it will have 6-8 hours to completely soak in without food and drink getting in the way.

Of course, you should also drink lots of water. It’s always important to drink the recommended amount of water– try drinking at least 64 oz. or half your body weight in ounces. Not only will it make your skin glow, but it will give you extremely soft lips as well! But remember, you can never drink too much water, so if you’re still thirsty, by all means, DRINK UP!

Another awesome lip tip is to use vitamin E and other oils. You can apply the oils directly to your lips or use products with these ingredients in them. All Neauties glosses and balms are infused with vitamin E oil, and they’re made with a special castor oil base to provide long-lasting nourishment. As always, these are high-quality, natural, and pure oils. If you decide to apply oils directly, be sure to do a little research– your best bet is to find 100% pure vitamin E, coconut, almond, or whatever oil you decide to use. Make sure it’s the only ingredient in the list.

And our last tip for healthy, soft lips is to eat your fruits and veggies! It has been said that fruits and vegetables red in color make your lips more pink as a result of the plant’s pigment entering your body. However, we all know that a diet rich in fruits and veggies makes for bright, healthy skin, and your lips are just a thinner, more delicate area of that same skin. So do your lips a favor, and follow the oldest advice in the book… Eat your fruits and veggies!

How do you  Love Your Lips? Visit us at www.neauties.com for the Love Your Lips Sale— Free Shipping until Wednesday, February 18.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from your friends here at Neauties!

Neauties’ New Yoga Section is Here!


At Neauties, we believe that keeping your mind and body active and relaxed is important for many reasons. Not only does it keep you feeling young (and sane), but it also keeps you healthy and strong. It’s so important to keep your body healthy, because if not for your body, you wouldn’t be able to do any of the things you love.

With the new year comes resolutions, and atop almost everyone’s list is getting healthy. You already know we post recipes and tips for clean eating and healthy living, but with these new resolutions, we want to help you achieve your goals of fitness and peacefulness.

We are proud to announce the opening of our new blog section… Yoga & Meditation! We will begin with a few of the yoga basics such as “What is Yoga?”, “Benefits of Yoga”, and “Getting Started With Yoga.”

So, if you’re looking for a way to get healthy that’s easy to start, relaxing, and low cost, then stay tuned for more on yoga from your friends here at Neauties!

Namaste, from our family to yours…

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from your friends at Neauties!

We enjoyed having you at our blog this year, and we are excited to share more of the Neauties “Natural Beauty” Lifestyle with everyone in 2015!

We appreciate each and every one of our supporters, and we’re looking forward to another amazing year!

Best wishes and Namaste, from our family to yours!

Happy Winter 2014!

Today, Sunday, December 21, 2014, marks the official First Day of Winter! For this winter season, we want to give you some tips and reminders. So, without further ado…


1. Stay warm and dry. So this one seems obvious, but it’s so easy to get caught up in the “I’ll just be gone for an hour or so” mentality. I learned the hard way that winter weather is one of the most unpredictable. You may wake up to warmer fall weather, only for the temperature to drop after an unexpected thunderstorm midday. Always bring an umbrella and coat with you, just in case. Try a thinner coat and a small umbrella so it’s easily portable. However, if you know it’s going to rain or be cold all day, of course bring your full sized umbrella and warmest coat!

2. Sunscreen. It’s easy to remember your sunscreen in the summer, but it’s just as important in the winter. No matter the temperature, harmful UV rays are still out there shining on your skin. Using a facial moisturizer and a lotion with SPF are an easy way to ensure you never forget to protect your skin!

3. Protect those lips. Chapped lips are most common in winter, and the best protection is prevention. Start the day off right by applying a moisturizing and long-lasting lip balm or gloss. Our Peppermint Lip Balm and Peppermint Lip Gloss are perfect for prevention of chapped lips and healing! Not only are all of our  lip glosses and balms long-lasting, but our Peppermint products are infused with 100% natural peppermint leaf extract in the form of an oil, and true peppermint oil has natural healing properties. This makes our peppermint lip products the best for chapped lip healing and prevention! (Of course, all of our lip products are great for long-lasting protection 😉 )

4. Get plenty of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial to building your immune system for the cold and flu season. I received a great Russian Tea recipe in a blog email about a month ago. This recipe is perfect to drink each day to help prevent all those common winter illnesses. Click here for the recipe and more information!

5. Drink lots of water. Water is another crucial element of building your immune system during the winter. The general rule is to drink half your body weight in ounces each day. Not only will drinking water help you to build your immune system, but you’ll also notice your dry winter skin dissipating as well! All great reasons to drink plenty of water!


So there you have it! Our top 5 tips for winter! Do you have any tried and true tips? Leave them in the comments below, we’d love to add your tips to our list!


Wishing you a happy holiday season, from our family to yours!

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the holiday season, and that means gifts galore! Everyone always says that the best gifts are something you can use and something you probably wouldn’t think to buy yourself.

This year… Give a little Neauties!

Start Shopping! Banner with Winter Trees2 copy

Neauties makes the perfect stocking stuffer or basket filler, and one of the best parts is, you can order one for yourself, too! We offer flat rate shipping and handling, so no matter how many you order, it’s the same shipping cost!

Our products are all 100% natural, and we’re proud to say we’re cruelty-free! Our products are created with you in mind- we only use the best food-grade ingredients possible, so they’re safe and nourishing for your lips (and even a little tasty!).

We have that little something extra for everyone on your holiday shopping list… vegans, natural and organic living, and your closest friends and family!

Gifts for Men

The Balms – our best selling flavors for men are Original and Peppermint.

Neauties lip balms are portable and protective, making them perfect for both the outdoorsy type and that on-the-move guy you know.

Gifts for Women

Neauties’ Shimmers are perfect for women! Made with the highest quality micas, she can feel good about what she’s putting on her lips.

Take these colors from the office, to dinner, to a weekend outing. Our Shimmers are semi-transparent, so your natural lip color shows through to make them the perfect shade for anyone and for any event!

Gifts for Teens

The Originals – Neauties’ original Lip Gloss line that everyone loves!

The perfect gift for teens! With our convenient gift set, you can give all 4. The gift set includes a box for all of your lip glosses, as well as an information sheet to tell you about each of our lip glosses and their unique benefits.

These glosses give you the ability to have as much shine as you want without getting cakey.

Gifts for Children

The Balms – All of the flavors you know and love in a convenient tube!

Children love the sweetness of our Strawberry and Cherry flavors, and parents love the less-mess tube. Our balms are also perfect to send the kids to school with to keep their little lips protected in the cold and windy winter months. Plus, you can feel great knowing they have a 100% natural product on their lips!

Stop by our Etsy shop or website for your 2014 holiday shopping!

Order by Dec. 18 for guaranteed delivery by Dec. 25 (domestic shipping only).

Natural Beauty of the Week ~ October 3

So this week, I wanted to celebrate the official beginning of the fall season. In some places it’s already too cold for shorts and sandals, and in others it’s just starting to cool down. Although sunflowers aren’t exactly an autumn plant, the colors of this painting are definitely reminiscent of the fall season!



This was actually a challenge painting. The challenge was painting the entire picture with one very large, coarse brush. This picture very much reminds me of the autumn season!

Don’t forget, if you’d like to have your own artwork showcased, email us at contact@neauties.com or click on the submissions page above… We’d love to feature you!

We have lots of new goodies coming up for you guys for the fall season, so stay tuned for more fall fun!

Best wishes, and Namaste.

Natural Beauty of the Week ~ September 20

This week’s Neauties’ Natural Beauty OTW is a simple quote by the artist Vincent Van Gogh.


Beauty is everywhere from the smallest blade of grass just breaking Earth’s surface, to the speedy hummingbird drinking nectar from the flowers, to the majestic tiger moving swiftly through the jungle. Beauty can be found anywhere, and it starts with the appreciation of everything that surrounds us. Let nature immerse you in her beauty.

What do you find beauty in?